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How to get a girl you have a crush on

But sometimes, this can be really harsh on them. To make the situations smoother, we prepared a little manual for men of how to get a girl they want.

1. Talk to her – we know, this is the hard part. But 90% of men seeing attractive girl will not go talk to her. If you talk to her, you have 9x bigger chance to get acquainted, than the rest of the men around you. And because women are not used to guys talking to them anymore, they will be pleased talking to you back.

2. Be honest – If women can see through something, it is not an ex- ray, it is a lie. If you lie to them, you simply lose them. If you are in complicated relationship, say it. If you have a kids, say it. If you want to have only fun, and not a serious relationship, just say it. If you lie about these things, you will not get far.

3. Show an interest – Women are good in listening, so you can be talking about yourself. But they also love to be listened to. If you show, you care, what they do in their leisure time, what is their job or family situation, they will appreciate it.


4. Do not push it – We get, that some of you really would like to get laid. And even if you made yourself clear about this and she agreed, still don´t overdo it. The ideal way is to start with erotic massage. Women love to be massaged and most of the women love men´s hands. This combination might get you, what you want anyway. If you don´t know, how to provide a good massage, learn from the massage therapists. You can get yourself a great experience and learn new tricks at once. Isn´t this a great deal?


5. And be honest again – either you want to keep dating or you don´t, be honest in both ways. The worst thing to do is ghost someone. They don´t know, whether they have done something wrong and you might kill their confidence. With being honest, you can maintain your class and help them to move on the next partner – the right one.